Revision Tummy Tuck

Revision Tummy Tuck Surgery is a complex cosmetic procedure that corrects errors from previous tummy tuck surgery or previous liposuction surgery resulting in irregularities, excess skin, poor scarring and other undesirable results.

What is Revision Tummy Tuck?

A revision tummy tuck is a complex surgical procedure used to resolve any mistakes or errors made during an initial tummy tuck. Patients also opt for this procedure to correct irregularities after a liposuction procedure.

The most common problems we see after a previous tummy tuck or mini-tummy tuck surgery are irregular abdominal wall tightening, umbilical float where the belly button is pulled too low, scar too high, too wide, or irregular, dog ears, unsightly belly button, mons pubis hanging, or excess skin above the belly button.

The most common problems we see after liposuction are overaggressive techniques resulting in irregularities, and excess skin. These problems are complex and revision tummy tuck surgery is an extremely challenging surgery that requires detailed pre-operative planning, meticulous technical skill, and experience

So many times, we wish we had a time machine so we could have been the ones to perform our patient’s initial surgery and give them the results they hoped for and deserved. 

Unfortunately, with revision surgery, sometimes the damage is so great, not all errors can be repaired. Although these have been some of the most difficult cases we have performed, they are also the most rewarding, and we feel grateful that we have been able to help so many patients look and feel better.

Before Your Procedure

What You Should Know Before Your Revision Tummy Tuck

Prior to your revision tummy tuck, you will need to schedule a consultation appointment. During this consultation, we will review the operative note from your previous tummy tuck and assess any abnormalities, errors, or irregularities. We will discuss your desired outcome and whether the outcome of your previous surgery can be corrected.

We will do a detailed consultation from our office, take a complete medical history and conduct a careful examination and develop a customized plan based on your anatomy as well as your aesthetic goals. We consider age, overall health, emotional well-being, as well as expectations for surgery when evaluating a candidate for this procedure.

Being honest and upfront with our patients is one of our highest priorities here at SYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS. If we do not believe that a revision tummy tuck is possible or that it will not benefit you, we will advise you on any alternative options at this time. If you are a good candidate for a revision tummy tuck, we will begin developing your customized surgical plan and schedule a surgical date.

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What Happens During Revision Tummy Tuck?

Before your procedure begins, we will once again discuss your desired outcome in the pre-operative area. We may mark the skin on your abdomen to show you where your incisions will be. After this, we will begin the procedure.

What Kind of Anesthesia Is Used?

A revision tummy tuck is performed under general anesthesia to provide optimal comfort and safety.

The Surgical Procedure

Once you are under anesthesia, the revision tummy tuck procedure will begin. We perform our surgeries under a 3.5X microscopic examination to allow for the most precise and accurate visuals while working.

Using this detailed view, we will begin to make discreet incisions to address the errors made by your prior surgery. For most patients here at SYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS, we will make a low curved incision that aligns with the one from their initial procedure. This technique minimizes the amount of potential scarring.

We will then lift the skin and fat off the abdominal wall to work on the underlying muscles. Any muscles stretched, damaged, or loosened will be repaired. We will also correct any abdominal wall irregularities.

Next, we’ll remove the remaining excess skin in this region. Once this step is complete, we will lay the remaining skin back in place to create a flattering, more toned appearance in the midsection. If necessary, we will alter your belly button to create a new shape that fits well with the rest of your abdomen.

How Long Does a Revision Tummy Tuck Procedure Last?

The entire revision tummy tuck procedure can last anywhere from four to seven hours to complete. The length of your surgery will depend on the complexity and severity of the errors that must be corrected.

Result and Recovery

Revision Tummy Tuck Recovery and Results: What to Expect

When your revision tummy tuck is complete, you will need to remain in our in-house plastic surgical aftercare center for 24 hours. You will then be discharged to return home to begin recovery. You will not be able to drive or perform many common tasks, so you must arrange for someone to assist you at this time.

How Long Does the Revision Tummy Tuck Recovery Last?

We have developed a gentle revision tummy tuck technique that has minimal pain and a quick recovery. After surgery, your abdomen will feel tight but should not be painful. If you do have discomfort, tylenol is usually all that’s needed. You will be given prescription pain medication to have in case you need it, but it is usually not necessary. We encourage patients to stick to Tylenol instead of the prescription pain medication since those pills often create constipation and bloating.

You will need to walk bent over for the first two weeks after your revision tummy tuck. You will notice swelling of the tissues during this time. We have patients wear a binder around the abdomen to promote optimal healing and support for these tissues.

You should wear this compression garment for about six to eight weeks. Some patients have surgical drains still in place for the first one to two weeks of their surgery, but this can vary according to your needs.

Wait at least two weeks before returning to work or normal everyday activities. You will want to keep physical exertion to a minimum at this time. You can begin resuming normal activity without anything strenuous around one month after your procedure.

Six weeks after your procedure, you can resume exercise and more vigorous activity, but you must still be careful and avoid direct impact to the abdominal area.

Once we remove your abdominal binder, you will be able to see the results of your surgery. With scar treatment, it will take about one year to see no scarring or evidence of surgery around your midsection.

Does a Revision Tummy Tuck Leave Scars?

We also have several other technical details that we perform to create a natural-looking contoured abdomen and a thin, nearly invisible low scar. We believe it is important to create the best possible result and incision without any bunching, irregularities, or step-offs. We take extreme pride in our attention to detail with every single step of this surgery.

Revision tummy tuck scars take about 12 months to fade. You will start scar treatments at around 2 weeks after surgery. We will discuss scar care in detail with you and also provide you with scar medications and products.


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