Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer or “Natural Breast Augmentation” is a cosmetic surgery procedure using liposuctioned fat from other body parts to modify the size, fullness, and overall look of the breast.

About Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer also known as “Natural Breast Augmentation” is a cosmetic surgery procedure where fat is liposuctioned from different parts of the body and transferred to the breast. This creates an overall increase in volume and fullness but the amount of volume that you can obtain with a single transfer is around one cup size and the overall shape of your breast remains essentially the same just fuller.

This is ideal for patients who do not feel comfortable having a breast implant or those who want to have a natural-looking breast augmentation. It does not create a round shape like an implant, especially in the upper pole or allow you to go up multiple cup sizes. If your breast tissues are dense or the skin is very tight, there are even more limitations on the volume.

During breast augmentation with fat transfer surgery, the technique for harvesting and transferring fat is extremely important. 

The fat that is transferred is living tissue so it is critical to maximizing fat survival for the best possible results.

At theSYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS, we have developed a gentle, multi-phase, liposuction, and fat transfer technique that has very high-fat survival and minimizes complications.


Before Your Procedure

Good to Know Before Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

At your consultation, we will evaluate your personal anatomy to see if you are a candidate for breast augmentation with fat transfer. You will need to have enough fat to donate from other areas of your body to have enough volume to add to your breasts.

As every woman has their own perspective of what shape they would like, we recommend you bring some pictures of breasts you like so we can get a better idea of what look you are hoping to achieve and give you an honest and realistic opinion of what a natural breast augmentation can accomplish.

We also perform other breast augmentation procedures, for example, Breast Augmentation with Implants. We will also give you a lot of information as to what to expect after your surgery during the recovery phase.

During Prosedure

What Happens During Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Kenya?

For your comfort and safety, breast augmentation with fat transfer will be performed under general anesthesia. In rare cases where only a few areas of fat are liposuctioned, this procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. We will place a numbing solution in your breasts so you will not feel pain even though you are under anesthesia.

After placing the numbing solution, we make small (less than 4 mm), discreet incisions in the areas to be treated. We will show you where all these incisions will be placed prior to surgery. We have developed a special multi-staged technique for breast augmentation with fat transfer that removes fat in an even and gentle fashion. The details of this and why it is important will be explained to you in your natural breast augmentation consultation. A thin liposuction cannula is inserted in a small incision and attached to a suction machine.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer takes anywhere from three to five hours depending on the number of areas of fat that is harvested. We take pride in creating even, symmetric, and natural-looking breast augmentation results. Liposuction requires meticulous attention to detail and artistry to create the best possible results, so we take extra time and care with every single stroke and motion and with the shaping of the body. The fat that is harvested is gently washed and then carefully injected into the tissues of the breast to create the desired volume. This is why fat transfer is a great option for patients looking to have a natural-looking breast augmentation.

Result and Recovery

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Recovery & Results: What to Expect

Natural breast augmentation results are extremely technically dependent and the fat must be harvested extremely carefully and gently and placed very precisely and without overstuffing the tissues, creating too much pressure that might kill the fat. At SYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS, we consider breast augmentation with fat transfer surgery to be an art. We will take the time to seamlessly sculpt your body in a way that is proportionate and feminine. The fat that survives transplantation will give long-term results and with a proper healthy diet and exercise, the liposuctioned areas will preserve their shape.


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