Liposuction or “lipo,” removes fat from areas that do not respond to diet and exercise. These areas include the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, arms, back, knees, calves, and ankles.

About Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate fat from stubborn areas resistant to traditional diet and exercise efforts. These problematic areas encompass the abdomen, hips, thighs, neck, arms, back, knees, calves, and ankles. Additionally, liposuction can be a vital component of the surgical technique employed in the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Skilled precision is imperative when conducting this procedure, ensuring the body is sculpted with gentle curves that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding areas. At SYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS, we have a wealth of experience in performing numerous liposuction cases. Recognizing the uniqueness of each patient, their distinct concerns, and individual goals, we prioritize personalized care. Our dedicated team will attentively listen to your specific needs and collaborate with you to create a customized plan.

This procedure is most successful in people with good skin tone who have fatty deposits. We want to emphasize that lipo is not a treatment for obesity. If weight gain occurs following liposuction, each fat cell left behind will get bigger and you will get bigger everywhere. The good thing is that if you continue to diet and exercise after surgery – each fat cell will get smaller so you will get an even better result in the areas you’ve had liposuction. 

Almost all of our patients lost weight after their surgery because they felt better about themselves and were more motivated to stay healthy. To maintain the safety of the procedure, there is a limit on how much can be done at one time.

For proper blending and for natural body contouring, often lipo 360 is performed. Lipo 360 involves liposuction of the abdomen, hips, flanks, and back so they naturally blend into each other and the surrounding areas. It is often combined with fat grafting.

Before Your Liposuction Procedure

Things You Should Know Before Your Liposuction Procedure

Lipo removes and thins excess fat that does not respond to diet and exercise. It cannot correct underlying muscle separation, hanging skin, or hernias. Sometimes in patients with poor elasticity, this procedure actually makes their skin hang more. We spend a lot of time with our patients at SYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS talking about what can and cannot be fixed with lipo.

It is VERY important for patients to have realistic expectations after liposuction. As we’ve mentioned before, plastic surgery is not an exact science. Every person has a unique anatomy and their own idea of what their body goals should be. This is why consultations are vital so we can work together to create the best possible plan, customized for your personal needs and goals.

During Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is done under general anesthesia or IV sedation. With very small isolated areas, we sometimes perform liposuction under local anesthesia. we believe that every part of the surgical team is essential to having a perfect and smooth surgery so every part of our extended team is focused during surgery, and pays attention to every detail. We will all ensure that as you enter the operating room and are gently placed under anesthesia you will feel relaxed, calm, and excited. During the operation, we will all be focused on keeping you warm, comfortable, and cared for. During the surgery, we are gentle and respectful and ensure a positive and calm environment around you.

After placing the numbing solution, we make small (less than 4 mm), discreet incisions in the areas to be treated. we will show you where all these incisions will be placed prior to surgery. We have developed a special multi-staged technique that removes fat in an even and gentle fashion. The details of this and why it is important will be explained to you in your consultation. A thin liposuction cannula is inserted in a small incision and attached to a suction machine.

The procedure may take an hour or several hours, depending on how many areas are involved. We take pride in creating even symmetric, and natural-looking results. As we specialize in Revision Liposuction (fixing liposuction errors), we take extra time and care with every single stroke and motion and with the shaping of the body. Too often we see liposuction performed over-aggressively resulting in bumps, irregularities, injuries to the skin and tissues that are often irreversible. Like everything else, liposuction requires meticulous attention to detail and artistry to create the best possible results.

Result and Recovery

Liposuction Results & Recovery: What to Expect

Recovery from this procedure is relatively easy. A few hours after surgery you should be up and walking around. Many of our patients return to work a few days after surgery. We have developed a gentle liposuction technique that has minimal pain and a quick recovery. Swelling and some bruising is normal the first two weeks. You will wear special garments that are measured for your body and provided to you to apply pressure, minimize swelling and provide support while healing. These garments also assist in the retraction of the skin. We use dissolvable sutures so they don’t need to be removed.

Following liposuction, the scars, which are extremely small may be a little red. Over the next 6-12 months they slowly fade. You will start scar treatments at around 2 weeks after surgery. We will discuss scar care in detail with you and also provide you with scar medications and products. The scars will be almost invisible.

Overall, our patients are extremely happy after liposuction. They finally feel they are rid of “problem areas” they lived with for a long time even despite diet and exercise. They have a smoother contour and a more proportionate shape. We truly enjoy performing liposuction and feel like a sculptor, helping our patients achieve the aesthetic shape they desire.

  • When you wake up from your surgery, you will be in the compression garment already. It will feel a little damp, but that is completely normal. It is best to bring a split open trash bag to cover the seat of your car.
  • It is extremely important to keep the liposuction garment on for six weeks after the surgery. Any swelling you have will decrease significantly if you wear your garment properly. You will also have foam pads inside your garment, just to make sure the skin stays smooth and flat. We recommend keeping the foams inside your garment for two weeks and to make sure the garment is straight, without any wrinkles or creases in it.
  • When you wash your garment, you should be out of it for only up to 30 minutes at a time. Quickly hand wash it with some detergent and put it in the dryer for 15-20 minutes.
  • If you’re having lipo on your inner thigh, you need to make sure the garment comes all the way up on your leg.
  • It is important to walk several times the evening of surgery, up until two weeks after surgery.
  • Have someone assist you in getting in and out of bed and going to the restroom right after your lipo surgery, but you may slowly resume normal activities 3-4 days after the surgery.
  • For the first two weeks try to avoid physical activity and stick to gentle walking, after two weeks you can walk uphill or do a little bit of cardio, four weeks after your lipo you can start doing bodyweight exercises, but you need to wait for six weeks after your lipo surgery to return to your normal activities.
  • Stick to clear liquids the first night after surgery. Drink plenty of fluids and no alcohol or smoking for 2 weeks after the surgery.
  • After your surgery, you should stick to a healthy diet, rich in antioxidants and proteins, which will help your healing. Do not eat fast food and try to stay away from fatty foods, you do not want to feel bloated after your lipo.
  • Vitamins and minerals will also help your healing.
  • You should wait for two days after your lipo until you shower. You need to give the incisions time to heal before you get your body wet.
  • Take off your compression garment when you shower and make sure you do this with assistance as people can faint during removal of garments or feel faint in the shower. Do not scrub any of the incisions, just let the water flow over them.
  • After your liposuction atSYN PLASTICS & AESTHETICS, you will have several little holes in your body which will be closed by dissolvable little sutures. Those sutures should dissolve on their own, but if they don’t, we can help dissolve them in our office.
  • After liposuction, it is very common to be swollen for a few months. Maximal swelling is usually around day three, then as the fluids leave your body you should see your swelling go down.


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